Family & Children's Law Center




Do you go to court with me?
In most cases yes; however, it's at our discretion. We don't go to trial.

Do I have to live in Marin County to use your services?
No, you don't need to live in Marin County to use our services. You simply must have a case in the Marin County Courts or be eligible to open one.

I live in Marin but my case is in another state or county, can I use your services?
No. Unfortunately, the attorneys in our office only assist in cases in the Marin County courts. The laws of each state and the rules of each court can vary greatly, so we don't practice outside of Marin.

How long will I have to wait for an appointment?
The wait time for an appointment in our office is typically two to three weeks. However, if a domestic violence restraining order is needed, clients can be given emergency appointments to complete those documents.

Do you have a cancellation list?
No, but we encourage you to call daily to see if there have been any cancellations.

My spouse filed a restraining order against me, can you defend me in court?
No. Because restraining orders are partly criminal in nature, we recommend you contact the Public Defender for assistance.

How long is an appointment?
The length of each appointment varies by the work we do during that appointment.  Your Client Action Plan (given at the intake clinic) will specify the length of your appointment, during which we will prepare paperwork, offer legal advice, and discuss strategies for your case.

How much will I pay?
We charge on a sliding scale based on your income and assets. We include our fees and the other costs in your Client Action Plan for your specific legal matters, so you'll know what your costs are upfront.

I don't have any money, do I still have to pay?
Unless you are a victim of domestic violence, our clients do pay something for our services, except in extreme situations. You'll find our fees are extremely reasonable ($0-$250 per hour) compared to what private attorneys charge .

How long does it take to get a divorce?
Completing a divorce in California takes a minimum of six months  from the date the other party is served. However, there are several steps required to complete a divorce and all of those must be completed before the divorce is final.

My boyfriend is in jail and needs to divorce his wife, can you help him?
Possibly, if the case would be in the Marin County Court. Please have the inmate write to our Intake Specialist requesting an intake form.

If I do the paperwork for my restraining order by myself, will you still go to court with me?
In most cases, no. The paperwork for a domestic violence restraining order is very detailed and must be completed carefully. If your application does not include sufficient detail, or information, the court may not grant your order. If we prepare the paperwork, we'll go to court with you to represent you during the hearing, but we can't guarantee the court's decision.

What is a conflict and why can't I just see another attorney in your office?
There are many reasons for FACLC to have a conflict of interest and not be able to assist one party.  A conflict of interest may exist because FACLC may have obtained information at some point in our 33+ year history that is contrary to your interests or to the other party's interests that would prohibit our assisting you.

I want my new spouse to adopt my children but don't know where to find the other biological parent. Can you help?
While we can't help you search for the biological parent, we can help you complete the step-parent adoption process. We recommend that you use Internet search sites or contact family and friends of the absent parent in an attempt to locate them. Bring a record of those attempts to your intake.

Do you offer a free consultation?
Unfortunately, we don't. Because the demand for our services is so high, we can't offer free consultations.